Susan Calatayud

Office Manager

For more than 20 years, Susan has kept accounts receivable and employee payroll running on time and on target.

Susan is responsible for the administrative operations for Batchelor &Kimball, which includes payroll and banking oversight. Her daily duties include setting up benefits and deductions for new hires, and she helps all employees with issues regarding their payroll and benefits. Susan is also responsible for monitoring the bank balances, daily cash accounts receivable, making timely payroll tax deposits and filing payroll reports.

Susan joined Batchelor & Kimball in 2000. Before that, she worked in the human resources and payroll department at PillowTex in Chicago, handling all employee payroll, union incentives and human resources issues.

In her spare time, Susan enjoys spending quality time with her family, including her grandchildren, taking nature walks, gardening and reading mystery novels.

“What’s most important in problem solving is to be aware of how the problem happened in the first place — and then, how it could be prevented in the future.”